Cory Pelletier

May 24, 2019


May 13, 1981 – May 24, 2019



Cory was born May 13, 1981 in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. George and Elaine adopted Cory September 7, 1981. 


Elaine and George were so excited when the day arrived that they would be able to pick up their son. They sat at a round table at The Sturdy Stone Centre and each time someone would walk by they would look up to see if it was their new son. Finally they brought him in and it was love at first sight. Chubby little fellow with lots of dark hair and big dark eyes looked at them for the first time.


George didn’t go anywhere without his son. You would often hear him sing a little jingle to Cory, “My son, my son right by my side”. Each night before bed Elaine would scratch Cory’s back and say his night time prayers. Eventually Cory would say them with his Mom. Even at the age of 15 Cory would ask his Mom to scratch his back and say prayers but at that age Elaine was suspicious that what he really wanted was his back scratched!!  


As a small child Cory always liked to play with your ears when you held him. He would squeeze and squish and squeeze and squish your ears. His Dad was holding him as Cory was not well and of course Cory started to play with his Dad’s ears. He squeezed and squished his Dad’s ears until he fell asleep.  George’s ears were a little tender and boy were they red after that. 


Cory had a natural talent when it came to roller blading, skateboarding, snowboarding, skating, BMX bikes, dirt bikes, quads, crotch rockets and Harley’s. He had a passion for them all. He liked speed and he liked living on the edge. His Mom said one day she looked out the window and there were 4 kids lying face up on the side of the street and beside the first kid was a homemade jump and Cory was placing kid number 5 on the street. So she ran outside yelling, “Stop! What are you doing?” Cory said, “Seeing how many kids I can jump over.” He said, “I did 4 no problem.” Elaine soon put a stop to that, much to Cory’s dismay.   


Another passion of Cory’s was playing guitar. He took guitar lessons but the true lesson he received and loved was from his Uncle Henry (he named Uncle Wen when small as he couldn’t say Henry). He loved his guitar and jamming.


Dirt biking and jumping and getting lots of air in the field by Junior Avenue with Todd Hermann. BMX biking again in the field by Junior Ave with Kenton Beatty. Todd & Kenton seemed to bite the dust a few times. But then it was Cory’s turn to bite the dust. Cory was riding his crotch rocket one day and the throttle stuck and it reared up. Cory knew it was going to come down on him so with all his might as he was falling he shoved the bike and it went skidding down the street one way and fortunately Cory skidded the other way and came out of that with only a scratch on his knee and on his finger. Helmet and proper riding gear saved him and his Mom’s prayers!!


Cory worked with his Dad with his painting and renovation business and learned the trade of painting. He was fast and he could paint and cut without using tape. He also learned to drywall and did that for several years. Then he got his 1A License to drive semi-trucks. He loved driving semi’s. Hauling gravel and cattle and lastly oil and water. We used to marvel how he could handle that 52 foot truck and trailer. He could back in between two semis in one try and only enough room to open the door and walk around it. 


Cory was a tease and he loved to laugh and always had a smile on his face. He was always joking around. He was forever playing tricks and popping out of nowhere scaring someone. Cory was very kind and didn’t discriminate against anyone. He didn’t care who a person was or what they looked like or where they came from. Cory would talk to everyone. He knew so many people in different walks of life. One day he came to us and asked if he could bring a friend home to live with us. He said his friend wasn’t having a very good life at home. That is how Bruce Porter came to live with us. 


Cory was raised in the Dundonald area of Saskatoon. He had 4 children, Deegan Saiville, Dayton Saiville, Katriel Saiville and Alex Woloschuk. He had a hard time expressing his feelings but he was proud of his kids and loved them very much. 


Cory was predeceased by his Grandma that everyone fondly calls Gaga, and his Grandpa, his Kokum and Mushum, Auntie Rose, Uncle V., Auntie Janet and Uncle Frank, and his oldest son Deegan Saiville. Deegan passed away 4 days prior to Cory. Cory was living in BC at the time and his Mom had to call him to give him the news of his son. He cried out in pain shouting no, no, no. Cory’s heart was shattered with that horrible news of his son. He was too far away to console him and hug him. Though his actions at times didn’t show how much he loved his children he did love them all very much. 


Cory, may you and your son Deegan rest in peace in the arms of Jesus. Your pain is over. Your Dad and Mom never stopped loving you from the day they first saw you to the day they got the news of your passing. We will not say goodbye, we will say until we meet again our son.


The Vigil for Cory will be held at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, June 7, 2019. The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 8, 2019. Both services will be held at St. Peter the Apostle Parish (1121 Northumberland Ave.) in Saskatoon. Arrangements in care of John Schachtel – Mourning Glory Funeral Services (306) 978-5200.

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